Jeanette Blonigen Clancy is a writer, speaker, and retired educator. She taught languages and communication to adolescents and adults in a variety of settings, most recently teaching English to adult immigrants and supervising student teachers.

Brought up in a blanketing Catholic climate, Clancy obtained a Master’s degree in systematic theology and attends Mass with Benedictines, while remaining friends with atheists. She espouses “secular spirituality” independent of religion and considers herself a feminist, actively working to end sexist God talk. She has been a passionate participant in the Catholic women-priest movement, and designed, researched, and wrote the content for the website She presented multiple times at the Women & Spirituality Conference in Mankato, Minnesota, focusing on concepts from her book God Is Not Three Guys in the Sky.

She regularly contributes articles to publications and has written countless letters about politics and spirituality in publications local and national. Four anthologies have featured her ideas or written contributions:

  • “Taming Testosterone.” The Rule of Mars: Readings on the Origins, History and Impact of Patriarchy. Edited by Dr. Cristina Biaggi, 2007.
  • “Sexist God-talk: Reforming Christian Language.” Voices of the Sacred Feminine: Conversations to Re-Shape Our World. Edited by Rev. Dr. Karen Tate, 2014
  • “Why Not Leave?” Awaken the Feminine!: Dismantling Domination to Restore Balance on Mother Earth. Curated by Rev. Dr. Karen Tate, 2018.    
  • “Jeanette Blonigen Clancy: Cherishing Christianity without Its Exclusive Claims.” Aldredge-Clanton, Jann. She Lives! Sophia Wisdom Works in the World. Skylight Paths, 2014.

In addition to her Avon history book, Jeanette wrote the Albany history titled Albany, the Heart of Minnesota: The Centennial Book from the Albany Heritage Society.